/Mecum Portland Corvette Recap

Mecum Portland Corvette Recap

18 of 25 Corvettes sold for a WHOPPING 72% sell through rate in Portland Oregon today.
The top selling car was held back by a NOM, but still seemed to present well.
A Rare 1993 ZR 1 brought good money,
2013 1LT may have been a bargain, But the mileage was not disclosed.

LotYearModelHigh bidSold
F1211971Corvette LT1 CoupeNo Info
S1501967Corvette Convertible
S811966Corvette Convertible
S1671966Corvette Convertible
F1041966Corvette Convertible
S1021963Corvette Convertible
S161993Corvette ZR1 40th Anniversary
F731968Corvette Coupe
S302013Corvette Coupe
S522008Corvette Convertible
F1531973Corvette Coupe
S602005Corvette Z51 Convertible
F711972Corvette Coupe
F1061972Corvette Coupe
F1651965Corvair Corsa
S76.11990Corvette Convertible
F2041996Corvette Coupe
F1321994Corvette Convertible
F70.11995Corvette Convertible
F11989Corvette Coupe
S1661966Corvette Coupe$105,000
S961961Corvette Big Brake Fuelie$80,000
S48.11962Corvette Convertible$65,000
F1051966Corvette Convertible$61,000
S781965Corvette Convertible$60,000
F2511964Corvair Van$16,000
F61982Corvette Collector Edition$9,000
F1811978Corvette Silver Anniversary$5,000